Tuesday, June 4, 2013


     One thing you may not know about me is that for several years I wrote poetry.  Looking at it now, I can't even say it was good poetry, though people have liked it (they may have just been humoring me at the time, I can't be sure. LOL)  Well, today I got the urge to grab my pen and dabble at bit.  Here's what developed:


Floating, hovering aimlessly
No destination, no anchor to hold me
Drifiting away with nowhere to go

Hazy & dreamlike, doesn't seem real
Like being half asleep but can't wake up
Which way to turn, I don't know

Each step feels heavy
Like walking in mud or on clouds
Don't want to lift my legs

Sleep envelops my soul
I'd rather dream
The effort to move, overwhelming

Keep my eyes closed, afraid to see
Just feel the breeze, but not the pain
Too easy to fade away and forget I existed

The sunshine heats my skin yet hurts my eyes
Head full of thoughts
Longing to be free on the wind

Trapped in my own cage, one I built myself
Locked and bound in a tiny cocoon
Counting down to nothing, no transformation ahead

Just nothingness, sameness, endless cycles
No purpose, no worth, no answers
Moving towards the wall

Blank empty stretches of wall to wall white
No color, no changes, no hope

The urge to spin tempered by the urge to collapse
Again, unable to decide which
My mind screams in confusion

I should be happy with what I have
I should embrace it all
Yet I don't, I can't

I want more, I want less
I want to know what I want
Too much is never enough

And the floating continues...
One day I'll reach the sky
Or crash on the rocks


  1. I used to love to write poetry! Thanks for re-inspiring me! :)

  2. Awwww, I'm so glad to hear that. I would love to see something you've written as well.

  3. Not bad...I remember that style of yours from the 80's...can't tell if the vibe is depression or just seeking answers, maybe from an unconscious state? Maybe there are no answers and it is all just pointless. Not really sure, but it does make you think, which sometimes is painful in itself, at least for me. Kind of had a little Neil in it as well, of course I will reference a song from Rush, Nocturne from Vapor Trails, you should check it out, haha, I can work these guys into anything...


    1. Analogkid12, you always have a way of working Rush into things, don't you? I do think that day had a bit of depression involved. Such is life, you know?