Thursday, June 27, 2013

Disney's The Lone Ranger Movie Premiere!


     Last night, my daughter and I attended the local premiere for Disney's The Lone Ranger movie, starring Armie Hammer & Johnny Depp.  I received the tickets from a local radio station, WTIC 96.5 FM, and since K & I are such big fans of Johnny Depp, we couldn't resist going!!
     The showing was for 7 pm, we arrived at 5:45 and still were #114 & #115 in line!  Make sure you go good and early if you ever attend a movie premiere at your local theaters.  There was a sign suggesting that we should have been there at 5:15!  Luckily we didn't stand in line too long before they started letting people in.  The line moved along fairly quickly too.
    Once past that ticket taker, we met up with another line - first to be searched with metal detectors, and then to leave our cellphones with attendants outside the actual theater room we'd be in.  I had never seen that done before, but I totally understand why they did it - this way, there would be no spoilers out there for a movie that doesn't come out until July 3rd.  Being the smartphone addict that I am, I'll admit to some separation anxiety & withdrawal symptoms, but I obviously survived them. Once that was all accomplished, we were let into the theater.
    Another unusual thing for me, was that there were none of the "previews" you see before a movie.  Again, understandable, this was a Disney premiere - they don't want to suggest other movies for you to see.  Just something I wasn't used to I guess (can you tell I don't get to go to the movies all that often?)
    Okay, the movie began, after a "nice" warning from the promoters that no one should have their cellphones on them, no recording, etc.  To be honest, knowing some of the Lone Ranger story, I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but Disney did it up wonderfully!  Having an unknown to me actor playing The Lone Ranger was good - no expectations for him to have met or not met.  Armie Hammer made a goofy law man, but once he took on the persona of The Lone Ranger, he was great!  I have to say though, Johnny Depp stole the show, as I'm sure he was meant to.  He was unrecognizable as Tonto, yet we still knew who he was, and I loved how he brought out his humor in a movie where I expected none.  (I don't know why I wasn't anticipating any, especially with Depp as the actor.)
     I am unsure why, but the movie also brought out things I never knew about The Lone Ranger, or maybe it was just some Disney magic storytelling. Whatever the case, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and the time flew by.  There is a little time shifting in the movie, and for either setting, you really feel like you are in that time frame.  I loved the outfits for the women in the movie - so authentic and fitting.  The characters were fantastic - some you love to hate (they really played their parts well) and others you cheered on even if you weren't sure you should.  So many great laugh-out-loud moments too.  I'm already quoting lines from the film to my daughter & friends (too bad the friends have no idea what I'm talking about.)
     All in all, we had a great time seeing this movie, and I really would love to see it again and again.  I think the rest of my family would enjoy it too.  I wouldn't hesitate to take my younger kids to see it either (they are 8 & 9) - yes the Wild West has some violence, but really not as much as many of the movies out there today.  Disney did a very good job with this legendary story, and as always Johnny Depp made another character his own.  

*Disclaimer - All thoughts expressed here are my own.  I received nothing in return for this review.  The movie pass was provided from a radio station promotion, and not by Disney.


  1. Before reading this I was looking forward to seeing this, now, after reading your opinion, I cannot wait to go! Sounds like you had a good time and really liked it!

  2. Sounds like a great movie it was already on the list of must see's for summer. If you want pop over to my blog and link up your review (I am trying to do a link up for reviews over teh weekend)

  3. Thanks so much!! I think I added it to your linky - let me know if it didn't work and I'll try again. This movie was so good - only 2 more days until it comes out!